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Starting a Nail Kit

Colors, Acrylics, Airbrushes OH MY!

What is a manicure/pedicure kit?

Just a kit that has all the basic and essential tools to maintain Good nails :) THESE MAINLY INCLUDE:

  • Nail Files
  • Tools to clean dirt out from under the nail
  • Pumice stones? (For pedicures)
  • Brushes
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton buds and swabs
  • Lotions/Oils


Why spend 100 dollars on a kit when you can buy these tools yourself at a beauty store! Beauty stores have nail things VERY CHEAP. This doesn’t mean bad quality though, Places that will sell extensions will sell these things mainly. A great place if you live in the US is SALLY’S! They have AMAZING THINGS For nail supplies and very cheap! If you don’t live near a beauty store and are willing to buy from a drugstore though, Go ahead! :)

What you need to buy:

At least 2 Nail Files

Cuticle Cutter

Nail Cutter

Tool to clean under nails

A good lotion/Baby Oil

Nail Buffer(s)

Clear Coat/Base Coat nail polish (Even if you don’t have any color on your nails, Use it to protect your nail bed. Apply 2 coats on naked nails)


We all can admit we want a huge stunning collection of every color there is in nail polish, But if you barely have any colors. Starting out small would be the best choice :) Like I said before, Sally’s is great! They carry china glaze which is my first choice in nail polish brands. Plenty of great colors and not too pricey :) If you don’t have sally’s, Almost every drugstore should have nailpolish though! Sinful colors, Maybeline, Sally Hansen, Wet n Wild. All great brands :)


THEN BASIC COLORS: WHITE, BLACK, BLUE, RED, PURPLE, PINK, GREEN. colors that flatter your skin tone but are basic.

Then slowly add to your collection, The best way is go online (Even my blog :3) And look at nail designs or prints or colors. Note down the colors in the design, or any colors on nails that you just really like. Or print the picture of the nail design, then go to the store and buy those colors :) It’s great! Also practice makes perfect so buying some cheap plastic nails, such as KISS brand has a whole set of plastic nails for 7.00 USD $ at wallgreens etc, Just buy a set like that and practice painting on them. You’ll see it better on your nails, practice painting with both of your hands, right on left, left on right :) 

Ask me personally anything if this doesn’t answer!